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Good Friday Greetings - MySpace Good Friday Comments

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The day of Christ’s Crucifixion has gone down in the annals of history as ‘Good Friday’. Alongside sending across Good Friday greetings and Good Friday wishes to your friends and acquaintances, I would like to share with you the fact that I just found. How a day of mourning for the entire Christendom can be called ‘good’? The reason is etymological. The words ‘good’ and ‘God’ are known to have replaced each other in various phrases over a period of time. So you may safely conclude that ‘Good Friday’ is a variant of ‘God Friday’, signifying the victory of God’s love and compassion.

Good Friday is not a federal holiday in the United States. So I’m sure many of you are not going to get a chance to visit your family and relatives if you are staying miles away. Let these wonderful Good Friday greetings carry your thoughts and messages to your loved ones on the other part of the globe. Confess that you really feel sorry for not being able to visit your kin. Reach out and shower your Good Friday wishes with some cool flower Good Friday greetings and spread the fragrance of your presence around them.

Praying To The Lord... Send this wonderful ecard to celebrate the sacrifice of the Lord with your friends/loved ones.
His Grace On You... Wish for a loved one's prayers to be answered on Good Friday with this elegant ecard.

Lord's Blessings For You... Wish your friends,loved ones and colleagues the blessings of the Lord, with this beautiful ecard.
Faith And Blessings... Reach out to everyone on Good Friday with this beautiful and inspiring wish.

Grace And Glory Of The Lord... Send this elegant ecard to wish all your loved ones on Good Friday.
Our Father Who Art In Heaven... Wish everyone a blessed Good Friday with the Lord's Prayer.

In The Loving Care Of Our Savior... Reach out to everyone on Good Friday with this warm and heartfelt wish.
Friends Forever! Happy to have a good friend? Thank Jesus and also let that friend know about it with this beautiful ecard.

Blessings Be With You... An elegant ecard to send the blessings of the Lord to all you know on Good Friday.
May His Love Grace Your Soul! Pray for a friend or a loved one on Good Friday with this beautiful ecard.

Your Loving Presence... Send this beautiful ecard on Good Friday to tell a loved one how special he/she is to you.
Mercy, Peace And Love... Send this beautiful ecard to wish everyone on Good Friday.

Blessed Good Friday! Commemorate the Lord's sacrifice with this beautiful ecard.
You Are In My Heart... Make a loved one feel special on Good Friday with this warm and beautiful wish.

May His Blessings Shine Upon You... A beautiful ecard to send blessings of Good Friday to your friends, family and loved ones.
I'll Be There For You... Let a friend or a loved one know that you'll be there for him/her in time of need, with this thoughtful Good Friday ecard.


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