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MySpace Easter Comments - Easter Greetings Cards

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hi all! It is Easter and the world has been lit up in a light, that is pure and yet, colorful. However, I will not be able to be with my family today as I’m miles off. But, like always, I don’t let the obstacles rule the roost. I’m keeping my spirits high nonetheless.

If you find yourself in the same thankless predicament, I’d advise you to take the virtual route. Reach out to your friends and family whom you are sorely missing by means of Easter cards and Easter greetings. Send across that heartfelt message by means of the Easter e card and tell your folks how much they are being missed. And equally important is to stay cheerful yourself.

Here are some Easter greetings thumb images. click away these images and get redirected to a unique free Easter greetings page. Send these free Easter greetings cards to all you know in this planet and add special fervor to their Easter celebrations.

Thank You - Easter Cards

Thank You And Happy Easter! Say Thank You to a dear one and wish him/her a Happy Easter with this warm and cute ecard.

Your Wishes Made Me Hoppy! When you are really 'hoppy' don't keep it within yourself. Express yourself with this cute wish!

Thank You! Thank folks for their Easter wish and wish them a joyful Spring with this warm ecard.

Eggs-tra Special Thank You! Say a big Thank You and make your recipients 'hoppy'!

A Warm Thank You! Say it with a bright and beautiful Springtime wish!

Gift Of Making Others Feel Good! Send a Thank You message to your friend.

Chicken Or Egg? A fun spin on an age-old riddle! Send this cute Thank you wish and watch your recipient crack into a smile!

Basket Fulla Thanks! Just perfect for someone who has made you feel egg-stra special!

Love - Free Easter Cards

Biig Hug For You... Make your sweetheart's Easter an eggs-tra special one with a biig, warm hug.

Happy Easter Sweetheart! A loving Easter wish for your sweetheart.

Sweeter Than Jellybeans! Tell your sweetheart his/her kisses are way sweeter than Easter candy!

Love, Hugs And Kisses! Send your sweetheart lots of love with this eggs-tra special Easter wish.

I Love You! In this season of joy and renewal, rejoice with your sweetheart and share the magic of Springtime.

Happy Easter With Love! A cute Easter wish for your sweetie!

You Are A Blessing... Tell your sweetheart or spouse how much you cherish him/her.

You Are A Miracle... Tell your sweetheart how lucky you feel to have him/her by your side.

Happy Easter Greetings

Easter Basket... Gift a basket full of good wishes to folks and wish them all the joys of Easter.

Click For Eggs-tra Fun! Send folks a fun-filled Easter wish with this eggs-tra cute ecard.

Crack The Egg For A Hug! Send this cute ecard to surprise your family with a warm hug.

Your Gift Is In My Arms! Make your loved ones feel special with the gift of your love on Easter.

Religious Easter Greetings

Hope And Joy On Easter... Reach out to your friends, family, near and dear ones on Easter with this inspiring wish.

The Miracle Of Easter... Send this beautiful ecard to wish everyone joyful tidings on Easter and always.

Blessings For Success And Happiness! Reach out with an illuminating quote and a warm message on Easter.

Peace And Happiness! Wish everyone a blessed Easter with this beautiful ecard.

The Lord Is Risen... An inspirational ecard to wish a glorious Easter.

Rejoice In The Glory Of The Lord! A warm message of faith for your family and friends.

May The Lord Bless You... Send your joyful wishes on Easter with this inspiring quote.

The Miracle Of Easter! Celebrate the miracle of Easter with all those you care about.


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Free Easter Cards -- MySpace Easter Comments

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Easter is going to be a good day for me as it happens each year! Each year I start off the day with Easter prayer and then I sit with my computer. My brand new Lenovo lappi is going to give me a company this Easter 2008. I'm almost done with making a list of friends and acquaintances whom I'm going to reach out to with my heartfelt Happy Easter wishes.

Pleasure Working With You! Wish your boss, colleague or associate with this bright and vibrant wish.
Joy Of Working Together... Thank your clients, customers or associates and say what a pleasure it is for you, to work with them.

Here are some wonderful Easter comments that you can try out to wish your pals this Easter. Send some of these really cool Easter cards to them and share your thoughts with them this Easter. See what magic you can create by sending these free Easter cards, personalized with your very own messages.

Happy Easter Comments Codes

Send This Happy Easter eCard
More Happy Easter Comments

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Love Easter Comments Codes

Send This Love Easter eCard
More Love Easter Comments

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Gift Easter Comments Codes

Send This Gift Easter eCard
More Gift Easter Comments

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Good Friday Greetings - MySpace Good Friday Comments

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The day of Christ’s Crucifixion has gone down in the annals of history as ‘Good Friday’. Alongside sending across Good Friday greetings and Good Friday wishes to your friends and acquaintances, I would like to share with you the fact that I just found. How a day of mourning for the entire Christendom can be called ‘good’? The reason is etymological. The words ‘good’ and ‘God’ are known to have replaced each other in various phrases over a period of time. So you may safely conclude that ‘Good Friday’ is a variant of ‘God Friday’, signifying the victory of God’s love and compassion.

Good Friday is not a federal holiday in the United States. So I’m sure many of you are not going to get a chance to visit your family and relatives if you are staying miles away. Let these wonderful Good Friday greetings carry your thoughts and messages to your loved ones on the other part of the globe. Confess that you really feel sorry for not being able to visit your kin. Reach out and shower your Good Friday wishes with some cool flower Good Friday greetings and spread the fragrance of your presence around them.

Praying To The Lord... Send this wonderful ecard to celebrate the sacrifice of the Lord with your friends/loved ones.
His Grace On You... Wish for a loved one's prayers to be answered on Good Friday with this elegant ecard.

Lord's Blessings For You... Wish your friends,loved ones and colleagues the blessings of the Lord, with this beautiful ecard.
Faith And Blessings... Reach out to everyone on Good Friday with this beautiful and inspiring wish.

Grace And Glory Of The Lord... Send this elegant ecard to wish all your loved ones on Good Friday.
Our Father Who Art In Heaven... Wish everyone a blessed Good Friday with the Lord's Prayer.

In The Loving Care Of Our Savior... Reach out to everyone on Good Friday with this warm and heartfelt wish.
Friends Forever! Happy to have a good friend? Thank Jesus and also let that friend know about it with this beautiful ecard.

Blessings Be With You... An elegant ecard to send the blessings of the Lord to all you know on Good Friday.
May His Love Grace Your Soul! Pray for a friend or a loved one on Good Friday with this beautiful ecard.

Your Loving Presence... Send this beautiful ecard on Good Friday to tell a loved one how special he/she is to you.
Mercy, Peace And Love... Send this beautiful ecard to wish everyone on Good Friday.

Blessed Good Friday! Commemorate the Lord's sacrifice with this beautiful ecard.
You Are In My Heart... Make a loved one feel special on Good Friday with this warm and beautiful wish.

May His Blessings Shine Upon You... A beautiful ecard to send blessings of Good Friday to your friends, family and loved ones.
I'll Be There For You... Let a friend or a loved one know that you'll be there for him/her in time of need, with this thoughtful Good Friday ecard.


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